MacBrout Engineering Private Ltd. specializes in CNC machining of parts for turbomachinery applications including Turbocharger Nozzle rings, Gas and Steam Turbines, Rotor and Stator Blades. MacBrout Engineering Private Ltd. uses specialized software to generate tool paths that accurately and efficiently machine parts to customer designs.


MacBrout was established in October, 2003. The company specializes in programming and machining the parts with aerofoils like turbine blades, impellers, diffusers, rotors and stators etc. It has grown from modest origins to a company with worldwide reputation for quality products.

In October 2017, a new facility with 7000 Sq. Mts. built area and 25,000 Sq. Mts plot area was inaugurated, in San Jose de Areal, Margao, INDIA. Marian Noronha, founder and chairman of Turbocam Inc., had the joy of cutting the ribbon. The new MacBrout facility is built to the latest international manufacturing standards for production of quality components.

The parts we manufacture are often used for prototypes or regular production. We have worked with various materials such as Aluminum alloys, Titanium alloys, Stainless Steel etc. Some of our customers include Siemens Europe and North America, Cummins USA and Turbocam USA.